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1945 Pineland Census

Lee County, Forida State Population Census – Township – Pineland – Pct 15 – 1945

Page 1 of 1 Transcribed by Marci Townley Hallock. Proofread by Helen Farrell. The following information was taken from microfilm and is meant to be used only as a guide. Always refer to the original document for verification. Please send corrections to This file is not to be copied for commercial use or without permission in writing from Southwest Florida Pioneers Historical Society ©
1. Name 2. Address 3. In or Out
4. Male 5. Female 6. Place of Birth
7. Degree of Education 8. Occupation 9. Corrections
Population Census – Township – Pineland – Pct 15 – Race – White
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Population – White                
*******image 371                
Gill, P C Pineland   64   Alabama College Farmer  
Gill, Ruby I Pineland     58 Alabama College P.M.  
Kelly, Eveline Pineland     34 Alabama 12th Grade Housewife  
Smith, Thed J Pineland   35   Florida 8th Grade Farmer  
Smith, Delem B Pineland     37 S. Dakota 12th Grade Housewife  
Ross, W H Pineland   67   Florida 6th Grade Farmer  
Ross, Laura E Pineland     58 Florida 6th Grade Housewife  
Ross, W I Pineland   30   Florida 5th Grade Labor  
Ross, Eugene N Pineland   19   Florida 10th Grade Navy  
Voegeding, Jerald Pineland   37   Michigan 10th Grade Army  
Voegeding, Lathelia Pineland     38 Florida 10th Grade Housewife  
Hiltbrands, H H Pineland   53   New York 9th Grade Farmer  
Hiltbrands, Florence Pineland     51 New Jersey 12th Grade Housewife  
Hiltbrands, William F Pineland   28   New Jersey 12th Grade Marine  
Hiltbrands, H H Jr Pineland   26   Florida 12th Grade Army  
Hiltbrands, Pauline Pineland     22 Florida 12th Grade labor  
Hiltbrands, Florence J Pineland     19 Florida 12th Grade Labor  
Hiltbrands, Rosemary Pineland     9 Florida 3rd Grade Student  
Hobet, Adolph Pineland   86   Germany 6th Grade Farmer  
Dykes, Lizette Pineland     79 Germany 6th Grade Housewife  
Wilson, Mary R Pineland     66 Pennsylvania 12th Grade Housewife  
Hall, Alice R Pineland     68 Pennsylvania 12th Grade Housewife  
Harris, Mabel R Pineland     70 Pennsylvania Normal Housewife  
Smith, John Pineland   77   Florida 7th Grade Farmer  
Coggeshall, F H Pineland   60   Nebraska College Farmer  
Coggeshall, Havel M Pineland     61 Washington DC College Housewife  
Stringfellow, H M Pineland   63   Texas College Commissioner  
Stringfellow, Adam A Pineland     49 Kentucky 12th Grade Housewife  
Stringfellow, Harwod Pineland   31   Mexico College Army  
Population – Colored                
****** image 372                
Ellison, John Pineland   65   Alabama 4th Grade Labor  
Ellison, Bernie Pineland   57   Florida 3rd Grade Labor  
Gillison, Prince Pineland   54   S Carolina 5th Grade Labor  
END 1945 Pineland

Credit Southwest Florida Pioneers Historical Society

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