Museum of the Islands

Preserving the past for the future on Pine Island, Florida

Mission Statement

Mission Statement


MOTI is an all-volunteer museum located on Pine Island, whose mission is the preservation of ancient histories and the relatively recent histories of the people who were the early pioneers of Pine Island Sound.

The museum opened in 1990, after several years of hard work by Elaine Jordan, noted author, and a dedicated group of volunteers who completely renovated the building that was the first library on Pine Island. That spirit of dedication still exists with our volunteers, who give over 1000 hours each year. Today, the museum is a major feature for visitors, tourists, winter residents and their guests as well as native Pine Islanders who love their past.

We have more than 3000 visitors each year from all over the world.


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Museum of The Islands
5728 Sesame Dr, Bokeelia, FL 33922