Presented below are incredible pictures of early visitors to the San Carlos Hotel in the late 1800s.  Here this group is sitting on the front steps leading up to the San Carlos Hotel.

Group Sitting on the Porch

Photo Credit

Another group of visitors sitting on the porch of the hotel.

Another Group

Photo Credit

This picture is titled “Dr. Bowen, St. James on Gulf, Charlotte Harbor, Florida”.


Photo Credit

It is incredible to imagine that they could land tarpon of this size back them on what would be consider rudimentary equipment today.  That is probably the guide on the left.  The title of this picture is “Tarpon caught by Sir Bache Cunard – St. James on Gulf, Florida”

Men and Their Catch

Photo Credit

Tarpon caught by Mrs. Charles E. Allen of Glasgow, Scotland, at St. James City, Florida in the late 1800s.

Lady With Tarpon

Photo Credit

This picture is titled “Tarpon fishing in Estero Bay, Charlotte Harbor, Florida”


Credit: Library of Congress

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