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Sisal Hemp Company Sells Property to Lee County for School Building

On November 1, 1912 The Sisal Hemp and Development Company sold property to Lee County  to build a school house for the children of St. James City.  The cost of the land was $10.00.  The property was at Oleander Street and Eighth Street.  The residents of St. James City decided the school was be too far away from where most of the children lived, so the Sisal Company sold them another piece of property closer to the families.  This Sisal Company moved to school to this new site.  According to the deed that property was bordered by Fifth Avenue, Date Street, Lemon Avenue and Meeting Street.  It s possible that Meeting Street is St. James City’s current Fourth Avenue.


Credit Lee County Clerk of Courts.

On July 7, 1913 the Sisal Hemp Company sold another parcel of land to Lee County for the school for the sum of $10.00 and, according to the deed, $269.02 for “work done and materials furnished on said school building”.


Credit Lee County Clerks of Courts

This same deed states that the first property at Eighth Street and Oleander Street was transferred back to the Sisal Hemp Company.

This is a picture of the school building.  Read more about the schools in St. James City Here.


Photo Credit Museum of the Islands 

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