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St. James City Waterfront Pictures-Sisal Hemp and Develpment Factory Era

This is what St. James City’s waterfront looked like during the Sisal Hemp and Development’s era.  You can see the factory’s stack in the background.  To the right is the wharf that jutted out into San Carlos Bay for the ships to dock and load and offload their goods.


Here is another view of St. James City’s waterfront from a distance.  Imagine arriving to town for the first time and this is the view that greets you.


Credit this photo: State Archives of Florida, Florida Memory,  Photographer Fishbaugh, W. A.(William A.), b. ca. 1873

You can see the stack and water tower of the sisal plant in the background.  You can also see the narrow gauge train tracks between the buildings.  These ran out on the wharf to assist in loading and offloading materials from the ships for hemp production.

Waterfront-Sisal Hemp Era

Pictures Credit Museum of the Island

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