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The Martin Family

Picture of the Martin Family at a picnic.  They were one of the first settlers in Bokeelia.  This picture was taken on Indian Field Island around 1910.  Indian Field was a favorite place for Pine Island outings.  Local oysters, so abundant in Pine Island waters were enjoyed at every opportunity.  Here the Martin family and friends gather to share the bounty of the sea on a sunny day.  Indian Field is located off the east side of Pine island in Matlacha Pas.

Martin Picnic

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Picture of the wooden bridge over Jug Creek linking Pine Island with Bokeelia.  Pictured on the bridge is the Martin family; Minta, Henry in the carriage, Jamie, Patti, John, Ann and Robbie Lee.


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The Martin family with their ox and wagon.


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Fall brought cane grinding and syrup boiling to the Martin Farm in Bokeelia.  When the sugar cane was  harvested is was hauled to the grander and the juice was extracted.  It was then boiled down to a syrup consistency, bottled and sold.  Syrup boiling day sometimes called for a party.  Kids would chew on the raw cane like an all day sucker and everyone celebrated the new crop of sweetener.  Biscuits and syrup were back on the breakfast menu for another year.


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