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Bokeelia’s First Post Office

In 1904, H. W. Martin built the first house where a popular restaurant is today.  Inside was Bokeelia’s first post office and general store.  There was a large pier in front of their store that ran out into Charlotte Harbor where boats docked with the mail and supplies for the town’s few residents, and for any passengers.  Martin’s wife ran a boarding house for the passengers off the boats.

In 1906 Henry Martin built a tiny one room building west of his store that soon became known at the “smallest post office in the nation”.  According to the old post office ledger, the post office handled 12 letters in 1906.  The Martins were the postmaster until 1922 when the duties were taken over by William Freeburn.

Minta martin was also responsible for the name of Pineland coming about.  On October 19, 1900 Robert Glover and his wife sold 19 acres of land at Batty’s Landing to Henry and Minta Martin.  In 1902 Minta Martin made an application to the US government to establish a post office on a portion of this land and suggested it be called Pineland, which the government granted.  Thus the name for one of our communities.

Here is a picture of the boarding house that container Bokeelia’s first office.


Credit this Photo Museum of the Islands

Here is a picture of the small post office.


Credit this Photo Museum of the Islands

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