Museum of the Islands

Preserving the past for the future on Pine Island, Florida

Looking For Pine Island Info

This page contains a list of historical subject matter or items we are searching for to fill in the gaps of our knowledge of the history of Pine Island.  If you have information on something posted here, or anything else you think we might be interested in, please contact us.  Thank you.

Looking For

  1. Pictures and stories of the construction of the canals throughout Pine Island
  2. We are trying to determine how many Beck Boats are still around Pine Island.  Please contact us if you have one or know of one. In 2013 Beck Boats had their 50th Anniversary in St James City.
  3. Pictures and stories of the construction of Flamingo Bay
  4. Anything related to the “clothing optional” subdivision that was being planned in the walled area behind the Aqualand Office Building about MM7 on Stringfellow Road
  5. Any photos of Matlacha squatter homes
  6. Pictures of the gas station in St. James City that is now Old Pine Island Marine & Tackle

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