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Menge Brothers Steamboat Line

The Menge Brothers Steamboat Line had eight steamers.  For 22 years, the steamers plied Pine Island Sound and up the Caloosahatchee River past the landings of pioneer settlers, such as the ones on Pine Island.  From1888 to 1916 they ran a mail route on the Caloosahatchee River, and in 1904 it become daily.

The Menge Brothers used some of the smaller steamboats to charter for fishing, but after the “Big Freeze” of 1895, they use them strictly for transporting people, freight and mail.

The Steamboat “Thomas A. Edison”
The Steamboat “Uneeda”
The Steamboat “Suwanee”
The Steamboat “Grey Eagle”
The Steamboat “Anah C”
The Steamboat “Corona”
The Steamboat “City of Athens”
The Steamboat “Susie B”

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